What is Cheapest Way to Drive Traffic to a Website?

If you are not utilizing the blog on your site, you are not using the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website.  Blog posts not only allow you to get creative and engage with your audience, they are also a great way to drive traffic to your site. 

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When written properly and using the right keywords, blog posts will organically attract more readers and grow your subscription or following. When targeted, these posts will also help you sell affiliate products or your own products.

In order for your posts to succeed, it will be helpful to implement basic SEO strategies.  Building backlinks, writing long form posts and using long-tail keywords are a winning formula for getting your posts to show up in search results.

When researching traffic sources, all options will fall under one of two umbrellas, free or paid.  The rule of thumb is, you will pay for free traffic with your time, and paid traffic with your money.  Free traffic does take time to start seeing results (speed up the process using my blog secrets strategies).  Paid traffic cost money, but you get results immediately to know if the traffic source is reliable or not.

If you are searching for cheap paid traffic, there is a long journey down that rabbit hole. A quick search on Google will provide hundreds of sites promising to send thousands of visitors to your site for only $9.99.  Avoid these scams. 

If you come across a cheap paid traffic source and want to find out if they are a legitimate business that actually delivers real human visitors, always search for the site name with the word “scam”. When people have been scammed by a business, they have no problem reporting said business.  This is a blessing because they want others to learn from their mistake.

Drive Traffic to a Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine traffic is by far the best traffic because people are actually searching for whatever keyword phrase they typed into the search engine. This means they will spend more time on your site.  Your job is to create great content that delivers a solution for their search.

Optimizing your blog posts and website to rank in search engines doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. A lot of people get overwhelmed and obsessed with SEO.  Once you have a system in place and know what to do, you can easily get your posts crawled, indexed and ranking in search engines.  The operative words here are knowing what to do.

Once you know how to research keywords, write quality articles/ posts, get backlinks, and get your posts indexed, your website traffic will grow organically and steadily. The very special element to driving free/ cheap traffic to your website is being able to find the right keywords for which you can easily rank.

No matter how many monthly searches a keyword or phrase gets, no matter how targeted it is to your niche, if your website cannot rank for that keyword, you are wasting your time, creative energy and effort.

Finding long-tail keywords has become the Holy Grail for keyword research.  But what if there are simple steps you can use to find and rank for long-tail keywords?

Drive Traffic to a Website with Social Media

Another cheap way to drive traffic to your website is by using social media. Since most people are on the top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Reddit, you can quickly reach a large audience. 

Succeeding on social media will mean growing your own following or leveraging the existing audience of another influencer. While TikTok is currently one of the easiest platforms to build an audience, the app’s safety concerns are enough to make any sensible person pause. 

The next best thing is Instagram.  Even though Facebook has turned IG into a mini FB and reach is not what it used to be on the platform, you can still do very well with an Instagram account. It is easy to create posts for IG and with the right strategies, you will reach a sizeable amount of people.  You can also connect with larger accounts in your niche for shoutouts, or you can pay to boost your posts to reach more readers/ customers.

No matter which platform you choose to focus on, stick with it until you master it.  Once you understand the site’s algorithms and the little tricks you can use to grow your following, you will have a ready-made audience with whom you can share your content any time you create something new.

Drive Traffic to a Website with Guest Posts

Another cheap way to drive traffic to a website is through guest posts.  Most bloggers use guest posts for the backlinks derived from quality sites, but if that site also has a large following, your posts will also be read that large following. Niche related guests post are of course the best way to connect with your audience. 

If your site is about natural remedies and you are guest posting on an automobile site, chances are you might not reach your target audience. You can simply search Google for “list of your keyword blogs that accept guest posts”. Before contacting the site owner, spend some time reviewing existing content to get a feel for their style to make sure you article will be a good fit.

Guest posts can also grow your following.  If readers like your content, they will click through to your website to read more.  Again, there are free and paid options.  What matters the most is that you submit a well written quality post.

Finding cheap paid guest posts can be tricky, but it is possible.  My Blog Secrets 101 tutorial, provides tips for finding these golden opportunities.

So there you have it.  The cheapest way to drive traffic to a website is using free methods like writing blog posts, and growing a following on social media.  Both methods can also bring immediate results if you choose the paid path.








Cheapest Way to Drive Traffic to a Website

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