Wondering How to Get Traffic From Reddit?

Need to learn how to get traffic from Reddit? As the self-proclaimed “front-page of the internet” Reddit is a massive social platform. It is the 18th most visited site in the world with over 1.7 billion page views every month. Where do most Reddit users come from? Almost half of its users are in the United States.

If those don’t stats don’t encourage you to market on Reddit and get free traffic to your website and affiliate offers, then consider the thousands of niche related subreddits through which you can market.

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1. Is Reddit a Good Traffic Source? – Find and Join Subreddits Related To Your Niche

With over 100,000 niche subreddits to choose from, you can certainly find one for your business. You can either search Reddit or Google for “your niche” subreddit. Many large subreddits will list similar communities if you want to check out even more networking opportunities.

While engaging in multiple subreddits may increase your karma, it is important to be most active in subs where your target audience hang out.

2. How Do You Get Traffic on Reddit? – Start with Commenting Before You Attempt To Post

If you are new to Reddit, understand that the platform uses a point system called karma to determine your eligibility to comment and post in most subreddits. Karma is considered Reddit credentials. Since it is easier to comment than to post in many communities, start by leaving meaningful comments.

As your comments are upvoted, your Reddit karma will increase. You get karma based on comment upvotes, post upvotes and awards. Awards are granted when Redditors really like your posts.

3. How to Drive Traffic From Reddit – Leave Meaningful Comments

Leaving simple, one or two word comments won’t get you many upvotes. Meaningful comments will however, increase your karma quickly. Redditors upvote comments that speak echo their own thoughts and opinions, and that they feel are fitting for the post.

If you voice a popular opinion in your comments, you will reach karma heaven very quickly. It is also helpful if you are one of the first few people to comment on a post. This will give you more exposure in your selected subreddits.

4. Read Subreddit Rules Before Posting

Most subreddits come with their own set of rules. You can find these rules on the sidebars (desktop version) the rules tab (mobile version) or on pinned posts. When you initiate a post, you will also find a link to read the rules. Many communities will automatically delete your posts if they don’t meet the requirements.

Additionally, moderators have no problem banning you permanently for breaking a rule even once. Sub rules will guide on what is acceptable and unacceptable. They will also let you know how to format your submissions for publishing, i.e., flair, which is used to categorize posts.

5. How to Get Free Traffic RedditPost Relevant Content

Even though there is a lot of circulated content on Reddit, the members love unique content. Sharing relevant content is even more beneficial to you and subreddit communities. Obviously, its members are there for specific messages.

When you share posts that are relevant to the subreddit, you will earn more karma and increase the chances of Redditors visiting your profile and your website. Pay attention to the feedback your posts receive to gauge how effective they are.

6. Ask Permission from Moderators Before Promoting With Links

Less and less subreddits allow promotional links these days. After becoming a regular contributor to a community, be sure to get permission from a moderator before promoting with your website links. Doing so even in comments could get you immediately banned.

Keep in mind, Reddit on a whole encourages members to report posts and comments that break subreddit rules, so be careful. Try to get a feel for the moderators of your niche sub. Some are more flexible than others, but definitely get permission before posting with your links.

7. Limit Your Self-Promotion

Most subreddits have rules against self-promotion. Redditors are notoriously nasty to blatant self-promotion. If however, you become a regular contributor and they get used to you, the impact is a bit softer and may even be well received if it is something that solves a problem for them.

Always contribute helpful content without any promotion first. Once you are comfortable with promoting your business, still be cautious with the frequency of your promotions.

8. How Do You Get Popular on Reddit? – Engage Communities with Comments and Upvotes

Reddit has a high engagement with its users. If you want to fit in, you should comment and upvote on posts that don’t benefit you. Redditors will often go through your profile to see where and what you post and comment. If they see that you are sincerely engaging and not just sharing promotional posts, they are more likely to accept you.

When people comment on your posts, be sure to respond to comments when possible. This is good practice, so you aren’t perceived as someone who only posts. Responding to comments on your posts, is more organic.

9. What Time Does Reddit Have Most TrafficPost at the Right Time

No matter how large a subreddit may be, if you post when only a few members are online, you post will take longer to get exposure be just flop all together. Before you post in any community, check how many members are currently online.

You can also use https://social-rise.com/subreddit-analysis to check the best posting times to get more traction on your posts. Enter your desired subreddit and you will see when posts tend to be more successful in a community.

10. How to Get Free Traffic Reddit?Don’t Respond to Negativity

Let’s be honest here. Reddit can be a little toxic. As mentioned above Redditors are notorious for their hatred of marketers. Yes, there are plenty of wonderful people on there, but it’s always the nasty ones that cause trouble. Remember you are there to network and as a business owner, you want to keep your reputation clean.

Don’t respond or retaliate when you encounter negativity. You won’t be able to avoid it, so just let it go. If you encounter someone who is especially nasty and you feel they may cause trouble for your profile, don’t be afraid to block them.

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How to Get Traffic From Reddit

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