What are LSI keywords and what exactly is the meaning? 

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.  It is the process used by search engines to analyze words used on a page on a particular topic. During the ranking process, search engines will crawl your webpages and determine if the content contains keywords that fit under the same umbrella.

In layman’s terms, it means keywords that are related to a primary keyword.  For example, if your seed or primary keyword is SEO, LSI keywords could be search engine, ranking keywords or indexing keywords.  Since all three are in the same family of SEO, the latter are considered related terms.

That being said, using LSI keywords is a great way to signal search engines that your blog post or article is providing value as it covers multiple facets of the same topic.

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What is the Significance of LSI Keywords? 

Well, this is where things get interesting.  When added to your articles, LSI keywords help you rank faster for your primary keyword AND they help you rank for other peripheral keywords. 

Here’s the deal.  Search engines have evolved.  If you write an article about SEO and have sprinkled in related terms, more than likely, your article is providing reliable information that covers a gamut of topics connected to SEO. Additionally, you could rank for those LSI keywords or a variation of them, without even trying. Nice, right?

It gets even better. Let’s say your primary keyword has 200 monthly searches in Google.  However, you also include about five LSI keywords.  Your article could potentially rank for the 200 monthly searches, but also hundreds of other keyword terms.  How is that? Well, the LSI keywords are keywords themselves.  Additionally, the combination of keywords throughout your post, could rank for keywords you have no idea people are searching for.  Get the big picture yet?

For example, the keyword phrase “what is LSI keyword” doesn’t make grammatical sense, but 150 people are searching for this every month.  So this article could potentially rank for that keyword as well as “LSI Keyword Meaning”.

How to Find LSI Keywords

Now that you understand what they are and their value, let’s discuss how to find and utilize LSI keywords for your blog posts.

There are many ways to find LSI keywords for your articles.  There are plenty of free tools online including (drum roll please) … Google suggest.  The thing is, LSI keywords are any keywords that show up with your seed or primary keywords.  These are the cousins, aunts and uncles of keywords.

When using Google suggest, simply start typing in your primary keyword phrase and see what other keywords are suggested.

You can also find even more options in the Google Keyword Planner.  Just select the Discover new keywords option upon logging in, then type in your primary keyword or phrase.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of free tools you can use online to generate LSI keywords.  Here are few good ones to get you started.  When searching for LSI keywords for your articles, consider checking if they have any search volume.  Wouldn’t you rather use additional keywords people are searching for, than just adding more phrases?








How to Use LSI Keywords

Again, checking monthly search volumes for your LSI keywords will increase your traffic. Sometimes you will even find keywords that will make great stand-alone articles. If an LSI keyword has substantial monthly searches, say 200+, consider writing a new article.

Place your LSI keywords in your headings, your meta titles, descriptions, ALT image text and of course in the body of your article. Try to use the exact phrase, but write for your readers and not crawlbots.  Evenly distribute the keywords, but be sure to include them early in the article and in your closing paragraphs. Basically, you will use them as you would you primary keyword.

Once your blog posts rank, check your Google search console to see the keywords for which you are ranking.  This will also gage how well your LSI keywords are working for you.


When used properly, LSI keywords will work wonders for your rankings and traffic.  Are you already using them, if so, what has been your experience?  If you have not been using them, do you plan to start?  Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised how well your blog posts start ranking for additional keyword phrases.

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LSI Keywords Meaning and How to Get More Traffic With Them

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